Best monitor/PA speakers for playing live?

What PA speakers/monitor would you recommend for the most ‘live drum’ feel in a studio/single room? And a small venue?

I’m quite happy with LD Systems Dave 8 Roadie PA for a variety of reasons. It’s a portable, active full on PA…with 2 satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a 3 channel mixer. At 1400 Watts peak it’s got a lot of nice headroom that makes it applicable for a bunch of gig possibilities, it’s clean, clear audio…dynamic at low and loud volumes. Considering the fantastic effects that the Sensory kits offer, for me it was clear that I needed a system that would offer me Stereo sound and for any kind of drums a subwoofer is a must have. The Dave 8 was also designed to be portable, the whole system clocks in at around 65 pounds and an accessory set is sold that gives you bags and caster wheels for the sub so the whole thing can be wheeled around in one neato package. It’s pretty affordable too, less then $1,000. Check it out, hope it helps you out.