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I’d like to blend pads on a same drum, like [center] to [edge], when I do so in the program, by selecting the desired pads, all it does is play both sounds at the same time. I am playing on a 12’’ mesh headed tom. Is there a way to change the curve of the mix ?

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Hi Etienne,

There is currently no way to change the curve of the blend, although it is something we have considered.

It sounds like there could be an issue with your training, because there definitely should be a noticeable difference between the center and the edge when they are blended.

One other reason I could imagine that would cause blends to not respond correctly is if you have edited the velocity I/O curve of one of the samplers on the edge or center.

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Thanks for the response, I’ll work on the training again.

Yeah, so even with retraining multiple times, there is no difference from edge to center with blend mode, it is the same all across. (without the blend the sections are distinct, so I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.) No editing was done to the I/O curve.

blend mode ON :

Blend mode OFF:

Thanks for the videos.

Hmmm, I’m a little bit stumped. It looks like your sensor is angled a bit too high off of the drum, but I think that is not the direct cause of the blends issue. Here’s a graphic for what to do if your sensor is not attached correctly:

In your case I think you could just tighten all of the lugs except for the two that are surrounding the sensor.

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe there’s too much input gain and/or the entire channel’s velocity IO curve (in the threshold panel) is set to “Loud,” although, blends should work even then.

Sometimes samples are just perceptually loud, so maybe the bassy sample is just masking the higher sample. Perhaps you can try with two different samples, or lower the volume of one, (but first make sure they are both normalized in their respective samplers).

Is there an effect like compression, overdrive, or clipper on either the pad/s or channel? If so, bypass any effects and see if you get a better response.

If none of that works, can you send a video of yourself training just the center and the edge (from a new model) and then blending the two pads to We’ll want to see the number of hits trained on each pad, as well as your threshold panel (both with auto-level turned off and then on), with the channel’s velocity I/O settings (the other tab in the threshold panel), as well as a quick shot of all of the samplers on the center and edge pads.

Thanks for your patience,

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I’m pretty sure the sensor is ok on the drum. I don’t think I have too much gain, it’s not clipping or close to clipping, the vu meter on my preamp (midas XL48) shows it’s a bit higher than -6.

I’ve made 21 live videos with the sensors since I got them, (3 weeks) and blend has not worked with any samples so far. (I use different samples in every video)

There are no effects.

I will try with the other sensor I have to see if I have the same problem, If so, I will make a video this weekend to show you exactly what is happening. When I had trained the sensor to 30 hits per section like the online videos suggest, it did not work, and when I trained it t0 50-100 hits, as the manual suggest, it did not work either. All other functions work fine. Threshold is on auto and bit high, or else my snare triggers the rim by accident, but I don’t see why this would kill off the blend effect completly.

Thanks for your time

Hi Etienne,

Hmm, it is strange. But I’m confident we can get this working for you. Would you mind writing in to (or starting a chat on the website)? That way we can escalate this to the rest of our team. No need to write all the same information here.



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video :

So, seems like it is my fault after all (which a good thing).
Blend does not show at lower velocities, but is apparent when I strike it harder.
So, it is probably a sensitivity issue on my part. I will mess with it more.

One last question: When struck dead center or at the extreme edge, is the other blended sound supposed to be at 0? like the edge being [100 edge / 0 center], and gradually moving toward [0 edge / 100 center]?

Thank you so much for all your help


ok so I retrained, and all works well at all velocities.

I think what I was doing wrong was to not show the sensor all my dynamics enough while training it.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Etienne,

I’m glad to hear it’s working better. The blend in the last video you sent still did not sound right. You should be able to hear a very distinct panning at all velocities.

Take a look at this video here:

If you’re still having issues getting this blend to work. Shoot us an email at and we’ll be able to better help you troubleshoot it.


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Yes, I retrained after that and now it works fine.


:+1: Glad to hear.

Love the videos you’re posting, btw. Really great stuff!

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