Couple questions

  1. When pitching up or down is each +1 value equal to a half step on the chromatic scale or …not so much?

  2. How do you copy and paste a kit from one session into another?


Hi Ben,

  1. Yes and no. Yes, if you are pitching individual samples in the sample list (the number box at the bottom of the sampler that is contextual to the selected sample and cannot be controlled).


No, if you have dragged a controller to the overall sampler pitch at the top of the sampler - that can slide between pitches non-chromatically if you have “quantize pitch” turned off.


If you turn on quantize pitch, the scale will default to chromatic, but you can change it to a different preset or just select intervals from the list above the number box.

  1. You can drag and drop kits that you have already made from your user library into your current set. You first should set the folder where you save your sets as a bookmark in the user library panel and then you can navigate to the kit you want in the same way you drag & drop in presets.

Really enjoy your books, I used a groove from Focused Coordination 2 in one of my lessons a few weeks ago. They are very well written and unique!



Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Also, glad you checked out the books and are getting some use out of them. I’m finally starting to work on the next two books in the series. Who knows how long I’ll take to finish them though?

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Nice! I’ll definitely get those when they come out