Delayed kit switch

Does anyone know a way to create a slight delay between when a kit switch is triggered using an external MIDI device and when it actually switches within Sensory Percussion? I’m using a Roland SPD-S to change patches and am trying to come up with a way to not cut off a delay tail on ‘Patch 1’ when i switch to ‘Patch 2’… thinking maybe if both patches were basically on at the same time, or overlapping momentarily, this could save the delay tail but also switch to the next patch. Any thoughts on whether this is possible or if there’s a better way to accomplish this?

one way would be If you had external effects it would work. (like hardware pedals or effects in an other program)

Sensor > sensory percussion software > external effects > out

Sensor > sensory percussion > DAW with effects > out

So that the effect is not tied to the kit.