eDrumin Compatibility?

Hi all!

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Sensory Percussion sensors, and as I’m looking to upgrade from my current electronic kit, I’m planning on getting myself a drum set with mesh heads and SP triggers!
As I’d like to use this kit for both experimenting with electronics as well as like a traditional drum set, I’ve been doing research into what my options are concerning cymbals – the ability to have a sensitive hi-hat with multiple sounds is quite important to me.

Enter eDrumin (Audiofront - eDRUMin)! Came across it recently, and in tandem with some electronic cymbals, it seems like it could do the trick, so what I’m curious about it this: will I be able to route cymbals from eDrumin into the SP software, and does SP have the sounds to support them (again, hi-hat sounds in particular?).
If not, believe SP supports third-party VSTs, so would it be possible to program a hi-hat within a VST and use it alongside the rest of the kit in SP software without noticeable latency?

I’m new to this and still doing a lot of research, so I’d appreciate any insight!