Fade fonction Controller Knob

I wanted to know if there is a way to have a fade fonction on a controller knob button for any effect …and fix the duration of it ?
I mean when I hit whatever the center or edge soft or hard, I don’t want to hit again to disengage the reverb.

Hi! I’m not quite clear on exactly what you want to accomplish. Do you want the reverb to engage when you play the center/edge pad hard, and then stay engaged when play you soft, only disengaging when you play hard again? Or do you want the reverb to only engage when you are playing hard, but disengage when you play soft? Or something else entirely?

I suspect you’ll be able to get the sound you want by adjusting the smooth, and sensitivity parameters of a button controller assigned to the mix knob of a reverb.

I’ve included a screenshot of a controller assignment example that could be helpful to you.

It’s a velocity controller (assigned to the mix knob of a reverb effect) that will only be activated by playing the center or edge pad (since the edge is assigned to the center in the pad visualizer in this example).

The sensitivity parameter is set pretty high, so you would have to play pretty hard for this controller to engage.

This is a toggle controller, so it will be engaged until you play hard enough to activate the controller again (which will send the mix knob from around 50% to 0%). If it was set to momentary mode, then it would only be engaged until you played softly.

And finally, the smooth parameter is set to around 1 second, so it will take the reverb that long to fade in or fade out, once the controller has been activated.

I hope this was helpful!


But if you’re asking if there is a controller type that is engaged and then fades to zero after a set amount of time, then no, unfortunately that controller type doesn’t exist in the current software.

But a speed controller (with a high threshold setting) may be relevant to what you want to do (and worth experimentation).

Here’s a screenshot of what that might look like:

01 AM

The high threshold setting ensures that controller only engages if you play hard, while the smooth setting ensures that the reverb mix knob fades in and out at a rate of about 1 second.

Hi Steven,
yes indeed, what I wanted to do is play normally, without effect, and if I hit hard, or if I hit on a defined area it will trigger an effect that will return to zero once the time has elapsed. But thank you very much for answering me.I will try this option.

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