Get a free SP (training) kit!

I made this SP kit/set where I sampled myself saying all the different fields there are in SP - so when I train a drum I will actually hear the name of the (supposed) field! This makes the training process easier, faster and more comfortable because I don’t have to look on the computer screen and check in SP if the training is accurate - I made a quick tutorial on how to download and install this -

@Sunhouse team:
I don’t understand why I can’t post Youtube links (and couldn’t find anything about in the guidelines of this forum) - please solve this or let me know if that is not wanted -


Hi Tobi,

Sorry, it was some default setting with the forum that prevents users from posting multiple links around the forum to the same domain. I guess to prevent someone from joining the forum and then spamming everyone with their own stuff.

I removed the flag from your messages. And will keep an eye out for if it happens again.



Thx Tenoch - I did an edit and could now add the link

Hey Tobi. Thanks for this training kit. A great idea in which to teach and assign sounds to the SP.

Hey Tobi,

so cool, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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