Kick drum attachment

I’ve tried everything I can think of and the sensor will not attach properly to my kick drum.It is either too close(on head) or too far or angled.Nothing in the the faq helped.I have a stock 22" Tama swingstar.Any help will be appreciated as long as it works

Hi there,

Can you give some more details on what the hoop of your drum is like? If the hoop has ridges and is not a typical flat hoop then the sensor will have difficulty attaching evenly.

I have encountered hoops like this in the past - in particular the cheaper ludwig kits - and I was able to attach it by taping a wedge onto the hoop to angle the sensor correctly.

Thanks Tiacael
As I stated I have a Tama Swingstar 22".There is one ridge .The groove on the SP sensor do not fit in any way for the sensor to mount flush to the rim.

I actually had to go from metal hoops to wood on my kit for this very reason. You could take some milliput to the inside where you want the sensor and fill the spot in, but I’d just change to wood hoops. Or even just wood on the back.