Midi Input Trigger Pad?

I have a 3 sensor kit and no interest using a Kick drum sensor as I don’t need multiple zones for the kick.
I already have my kick drum on a midi trigger (yamaha dtx502) and just want to map the midi note with velocity to the Kick center pad.

I can’t see a way to do this. If not, can this be an added feature? in general the ability to assign a midi note/velocity input to any pad would allow for more expansive use.

For example, I have a mcmillian bopad. Mapping its midi output to a pad would allow me to isolate rarely used sounds away from my snare, and therefore avoid any accidental strikes which can be problematic when some of the sounds are extremely unique and jump out of the mix.

I suppose it could also be abused by enabling the use of the software without the purchase of any sensor, but that’s a business model issue solved with licensing.

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Hey the only way I could think of is using your kick trigger as ‘an audio input’ like I explain in this vid with a Roland BT-1 trigger bar: https://abletonkurse.teachable.com/courses/sensorypercussionableton/lectures/3416208

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Hi David,

This is a feature that we been thinking about and planning to include in a future update. Though we have plans to do this correctly and thoroughly in a future update, we do plan on making a small change in the interim that would allow you to create a midi controller, train it to a certain midi note and then drag it onto a pad.

Currently, you cannot drag controllers onto pads. This will allow you to use a midi trigger device to activate sounds in SP. However, mapping a large control surface, like the 9 pads of an SPD, would be a bit tedious.

I’ll keep you updated on progress.



Any progress on this? Would love to hook up a MIDI kick pedal into SP!

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