Problem with audio level while using headphones

Hey y’all!!

While Im using headphones, the audio level is ridiculously low. I barely hear any sound even the level of my interface is turned to the max… that makes working with headphones useless, and I can’t figure it out, even though it must be just a simple thing.

Anyone knows what Im doing wrong?

I have Steinberg UR44 with a Mac.


I have exactly the same issue! I tried turning up the level of the channel on my interface, but with no change in volume.

I’m using an Apogee Ensemble, so I wouldn’t think it’s a problem with the interface.

Hey there,

I think there is possibly a setting within the routing/mixing software of your interfaces that is causing this issue, but I can’t know for sure without actually seeing your setup. Can you send a short video or description (preferably with screenshots) of:

  1. Your audio settings in Sensory Percussion
  2. The routing/mixing software for your interface


We’ll get you sorted out from there.