Setting up extra non-sp sensor?

hey again,

I set up a four piece mesh kit, but only have three sensors at the moment. I happen to have a roland dual-trigger laying around that i put on the fourth drum, and am trying to figure out how to set it up in the SP software, even if its only function is a single trigger/toggle controller. I have tried the output 1/4 into the main preamp of the scarlett, and do get a signal in the software but from there, hit a wall. i’m not able to train it. and it won’t trigger samples. maybe its something simple im overlooking?

Seperate but similarly: In the future, id like to have all four sp sensors on mesh heads, and in addition, an electronic hi hat scenario. can anyone conceive the best way to do this? is the scarlett interface alone capable of taking midi information from a vh-13 for example? would i need a trigger i/o? maybe a tm-2 solely for the hats would do it?

If I am not mistaken, this incompatibility may be caused by SP measuring acoustic profiles, whereas Roland is measuring vibration profiles. I think there is a substantial voltage difference, with Roland device being higher.