Threshold Adjustment


I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how I can adjust the threshold of each sound to eliminate cross talk…is that the right term?

Sometimes when I hit the edge, I’ll get the edge and center sound. Is that a matter of going back and retraining my drum or something I can adjust? I feel like my playing on each (center, edge, rim tip, rim shoulder, etc…) is pretty consistent yet I still hear two sounds more often than not. This happens on both my silent stroke heads and my regular batter heads.

Any help?

Thank you


Hi Matt,

Let me see what I can do to help you with this. First, I need some more info to really get to the heart of what’s going on. Could you give a little more detail on when this is happening? Does this happen when you are playing just the drum by itself, or when you are playing other drums? Playing fast and/or slow? In general, cross talk happens between drums, not within the same drum. Each Sensory Percussion drum is monophonic - so each hit can only result in 1 pad being triggered (unless you have blends turned on)

I’d also suggest taking a look at this article to try to eliminate other issues that might be causing this: Pads not responding in a predictable way

Let me know how it goes!

  • Tenoch


As simply as I can put this when I hit the center of the drum I seem to trigger both the center sound and the edge sound. I figured “cross talk” was the wrong term. But this seems like it could be a blend issue? I’ll trouble shoot this and let you know. Thanks a ton for the links here and for a great product!


Ok, cool.

It sounds like you have blends on (which is an awesome feature!). Check out those links and definitely let me know what you find.



hi matthew
have you solved the issue?
i have oftem the same problem (center/edge and similar).