Volume discrepancy between rim and head

When triggering a VST instrument in Ableton from a snare with a mesh head, the volume difference/ registered velocity between the head and the rim is (not surprisingly) huge. Anyone got any good ideas about how to fix this? Obviously I could just sample things and change the volumes, but I’m wondering if there is a work around so that I can trigger VST instruments and synths, without having to sample everything I ever want to use.

Hi charlesthedrummer,

There shouldn’t be a discrepancy between the mesh-head and rim of the drum - even though the head is mesh, the sensor is ideally positioned to get a clean, even signal between the two zones. This is most likely a sensor positioning problem: if the sensor is angled up too high it will get a weaker signal from the head.

But it could also be something with the VSTs you are using or some other issue that I haven’t thought of. Feel free to write to us at support@sunhou.se - a picture or two of your sensor position would be helpful and so would a short video of the issue showing the VST you are using and the meter of the DAW as you strike the center and then the rim of the drum.