2.2.0-beta1 just released

Hi all, we just released 2.2.0-beta1 on the Beta channel. This release has some big, deep improvements and a bunch of great quality-of-life features.

There is a big update to the underlying hit-detection algorithm. This new version should feel more dynamic and responsive - better buzz rolls, better range of dynamics, etc. Also, cross-talk should be much less of an issue for most situations. Let us know how it feels!

Lots of other great additions and updates in this version - check the full release notes below.

If you aren’t a part of the Beta channel and would like to be, please send us a message at support@sunhou.se and we’ll add you!


- improved hit detection algorithm with better accuracy and sensitivity
- new Multiband EQ effect
- added "Add Module" button on empty layers and lists with quick access to library
- new collapsed layer view with better VU meters and controls
- added right-click shortcut to "ungroup" child modules from their parent
- new app scaling option in Settings->General

- added Modulators panel to Sampler
- improved look of glide param in assignments window
- improved skew of log-scaled param ranges (Hz, sec, ms, amplitude) 
- assignments now respect skew of the assigned param 
- added a custom skew curve for fader volume sliders

- fixed various issues creating assignments
- fixed issue with set selection assignments not saving and/or not working
- sets that reference installed soundpacks are now more portable```