2.2.0-beta2 just released

Hi All, we just released 2.2.0-beta2 on the beta channel. This new release further improves the new hit detection algorithm – especially smoothing the upgrade path for users and refining the default velocity curve. The Multi-band EQ now has a global gain parameter and we’ve added “collect and save” as an option to the file menu. The new beta also includes many other refinements and fixes. Let us know how it goes!

To install the beta, just open the beta app and you’ll get an in-app notice or head to https://sunhou.se/downloads/beta.

Version 2.2.0-beta2


  • improved hit detection algorithm with better accuracy and sensitivity
  • new Multiband EQ effect
  • added option to “collect all and save” a session to the file menu
  • added “Add Module” button on empty layers and lists with quick access to library
  • new collapsed layer view with better VU meters and controls
  • added right-click shortcut to “ungroup” child modules from their parent
  • new app scaling option in Settings->General
  • added plugin version of app, installable via settings


  • added Modulators panel to Sampler
  • improved look and layout of glide param in assignments window
  • improved skew of log-scaled param ranges (Hz, sec, ms, amplitude)
  • assignments now respect skew of the assigned param
  • added a custom skew curve for fader volume sliders


  • fixed various issues creating assignments
  • fixed issue with set selection assignments not saving and/or not working
  • sets that reference installed soundpacks are now more portable

How do I access the Beat pages and downloads? Thanks.

which Mac OS version is feeling best for you guys at the moment?