A few questions

Will they mount on a rototom

If I use the throw off on the snare will it trigger the same

Can I use different midi channels on a single drum

I’m sure there will be more
Thanks looking forward to getting them

Hi! Sorry for the delay - busy time here at Sunhouse.

I think most rototoms have standard (not flanged, or die-cast, or S-hoop) rims. If so yes, but the issue would be training, when you rotate the drum for tuning the timbre will significantly change and the training will be wrong and probably cause pad misfires and unreliable timbre-controllers.

But the change in timbre between snares on and snares off is not significant enough to cause any issues (because the software is listening to the top head only)

You can send as many MIDI notes & CC messages per zone and channel as you want, but each drum sends notes across 1 MIDI channel. Some programs like Max and Live allow you to do more complicated MIDI routing once the MIDI messages reach their software.

Hope this was helpful!

Thank you and no problem a few days is a lot better then most

I have mesh heads on the rototoms 10-12-14-16 so it will work for me I will not be turning the drum and if not I have different rims to put on them

I saw on your patent you showed a digram using a symbol
Are you still working toward that

I can work around the midi it just would have made it easier to trigger NI machine drum sets . Each pad is a driffrent midi channel.I have separate triggers going to a Yamaha multi 12 anyway.
Can’t wait to get them just waiting for some stuff to sell

Thank you
John krummrich