Ableton 11.1 Native Vst Plugin 1.8.2

Hi fellow Sensory users.
I downloaded and installed the latest version 1.8.2 to Ableton 11.1 but the vst au vst3 does not show up.

is there anyone with similar experience/trouble?

Thank you

Also having trouble with this. Interested in finding a solution.

Hi in preference check the custom box. Then it shows up under Vst - Custom - Sensory percussion plugin. Maybe you have to restart. The kits were all gone though so I had to manually load them in to the slots. Maybe because it was created with the older version. but it would be great to get some more info on this. Best Kevin

Thank you very much for your answer, I obviously tried these solutions but it does not work for me.

Yeah just found out that was wrong. Something to do with the code.

Hi friends,

There was an error in our builds scripts that left off the M1 compatible build of the plugin. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ve just dropped a fixed update on the downloads page, so if you’re on an M1 mac, just grab the new updater (should say v1.8.1.1 in the filename) and try re-installing.

We have a couple minor fixes to add, so we’ll be pushing out another update (v1.8.3) on Monday. But, this should get you going for now.