Ableton and Looping

watching the videos, gave me a pretty good idea whats possible.
My question isn’t directly about the triggers, but a answer would most likely save me lots time, if it isn’t possible.

Here we go:
Is it possible, assuming the set up of the drums is done, to use that setup
to loop-compose my playing with that setup in Ableton on the fly ?
In other words using whats triggered in Ableton to create clips for looping in Ableton at the same time.

Hope it isn’t the wrong place to post this.

Thanks a ton.

Hey Marc, yes you can live loop in Ableton Live. If we are talking about audio, this looping record can be in sync to master tempo or independent from master tempo with the Audio Effect Looper. You can record and loop the MIDI coming from SP to AL as well, (only Master tempo synced).

There are lots of options if you have any further questions come to the AbletonDrummer Fbook group and ask there:
(Besides you are aware I made an online course on SP and AL, yes?) -

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