Ableton Live 10 Models

Might be a silly question (apologies) -

I’m using the SP plugin within Ableton Live 10 Suite and sometimes the Models of each drum/trigger switch to a blank, non-trained template “—”. Plus after I train the drums, they can sometimes “forget” certain areas and I have to re-train them constantly.

Also is there a significance to the ‘( p )’ before each of the Model’s names - It’s there in the SP Plugin, but not the stand-alone software (see screenshot).



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This is a non-silly and actually good question.

First, just some basics on the differences between the plugin version and the standalone. In the plugin version, your set as well as your model training info are saved into the actual ableton als file as vst settings. We did this so that you can make sure that if you create a session, train the drums, and record a performance, the training and everything that happened in that session stays in sync.

Because of this, the model files are not automatically saved to disk as they do in the standalone mode. So, if you train a model in plugin mode, close ableton, and then open up the standalone, that same model file will not have the added training. If you want to save the model to disk for use the standalone, if you click on the model name, you can use the “export model to disk” option.

The “p” in the model name is just to remind you that this model is being saved in memory only (and to the ableton file) while in plugin mode and not to disk.

Regarding your other issues, there are no known bugs around training data not getting saved or the model reverting to the blank template. Does this happen in between sessions (opening and closing ableton) or in the middle of a session?

When the model name changes to “—” is it just the name part or is the whole model going missing? We occasionally saw an issue where the model name would revert to “—” during beta testing, but we haven’t seen this bug since, so I’m curious to chase it down. But that issue did not affect the contents of the model or the training.

Some more details on this would help. Feel free to write into or start a chat on our website for more immediate assistance.


Thanks for the reply, very helpful!

In answer to the questions, the model’s name changes to “—” mid-session & a few of the trained parts of the models revert to having no training at all, so I have to keep re-training certain sections. So only parts of the model goes “missing” when the name switches.