Adding foam underneath

Never been a big fan of playing on mesh heads especially on the kick but all pads as well. Curious if adding foam underneath the heads would mess with the triggering.

hi @Tc3, do you mean putting foam under acoustic heads? Or under mesh heads?

A little bit of dampening can be good for SP, but if you completely deaden the head, you will lose a lot of expressive control. SP feeds off the natural acoustics of the drum head. So there is a big difference between playing on a freely vibrating head (mesh or acoustic) and an acoustically dead piece of foam.

You’d likely only be able to train a few zones reliably and wouldn’t have much room for timbre assignment control.

Hope that helps

– Tenoch

It would be with mesh heads. Mainly wanted to add a foam pad behind the beater like in most electronic kicks. What’s a good way to dampen it, small piece of tape or moon gel on the top side?