Addition controller: Time

Where a way to control parameters would be Time.
So lets say you want Time to control the reset button, so that after 5 seconds of no activity a pad is reset to it’s first sample. So you could put a long chord progression, but it would always restart from the first one if you waited.
So you could do chord_01, chord_01, chord_03 . wait chord_01, chord_02, chord_03, chord_04. wait chord_01, chord_02, chord_03, chord_04, chord_05, etc.

Could also be useful if you want to have kits change by themselves after a set time, or other effect parameter.

just an idea. :slight_smile:


Cool idea!!

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You can use LFO’s for that kind of thing. With a slowish rate, you could assign it to sample reset. The only catch is that it would inevitably reset mid phrase (reset while you’re in the middle of playing your progression). If you can sync or reset the LFO then it’d be more usable with your intent. Could be fun to mess with anyway!

@Mason @MaySun

Actually, I think you can do exactly what MaySun was asking for with the Time controller with the new Envelope Controller. Tell me if this would work:

  1. Set a chord progression on a pad (say, Center) and set it to Cycle
  2. Create an Envelope Controller and set it to respond to the same pad (Center) and assign it to the Reset button on the sampler
  3. Make the Envelope Shape to be like: Attack 5 sec, Delay 0ms, Sustain: whatever, Release: 0ms.

So it basically starts at 0, then shoots up at 5 seconds, triggering the Reset button.

As long as you are playing the pad, it will keep resetting the envelope, but if you stop playing it, the chords will reset after 5 seconds of inactivity.


@tenoch @MaySun

NICE! That totally works, as long as the envelope signal goes beyond 50%, which is pretty easy to ensure with the sensitivity controls. You can make it even longer before it resets with a super long weird envelope like this. Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 9.00.32 PM