Advance Sample Upon Seperate Zone Event

Hey all! I’m am certainly taking Mason’s advice and pacing myself as I advance in the software. This instrument ought to come with a helmet because at times it feels like a free fall through the depths that these tools offer!

I have a short tune that I am developing and I’m trying to find a way to advance a sample (melody/chord) every time the kick hits (seperate zone). Simply put, how can we use zones to trigger events/automation?

Hi there!

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate how to do that:

You would set the sampler with the tonal samples to “cntrl” mode (outlined in red).

Then you would create a velocity controller set to a specific zone (or not, if you just want any hit on any zone of the drum to activate the controller). In the screenshot above it’s set to the “closed” zone of drum 4: the kick.

Then you would drag that controller to the “next” sample button (red arrow).


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