All off / Kill Switch (?)


Is there a ‘‘All off’’ / ‘‘Kill Switch’’ button somewhere in the program?

in case a long sample is hit accidentally, to be able to assign a part of the kit to stop all pads, not just mute them because if it is a long pad, you would still have to wait until the pad is done before unmuting.

I searched in the program, and the manual.



Yo Etienne!

One way I’ve found to do this to assign the desired sample to a choke group, and then assign the desired region to the same choke group, but with no sample in the sampler. For example, you have a long tone going on the floor tom rim, and you want to mute it, so you do a stickshot on the snare, and with no sample assigned to the snare stickshot sampler, you’ve essentially muted your floor tom rim sample. I hope that helps…


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That’ll work.

We’re also adding a choke button to the master channel on an upcoming beta release. Will keep you posted.


Right, I used to to this on the spdsx, but forgot I could do it with this too.

Thanks !