Anyone add a cymbal set up?

Thinking about trying something like this:

Tried searching the forum but didn’t come up with much.

If I ran these and my gen 1 SP’s through my typical Presonus interface, and used Ableton, are there any hurdles I might expect to run into?

I use my Roland kit as a Midi device and you can select your Midi device as a filter source on V2. The one hurdle I’ve run into, and have yet to discover a workaround on, is that you cannot seem to filter further than the entire device. No ability to select which incoming notes trigger specific samples etc, that I have found yet. If I have been missing something obvious, or if this is simply not a feature yet, I would LOVE to hear from the support staff

I tried the Magnatrack magnets on my Gen cymbals and they performed horribly. Sorry. I am using some extra dry and thin Byzance cymbals which are louder than all the perforated cymbals out there, but they sound great and you don’t have to hit hard.