Anyone try the V2 sensors with Roland (or other) ePads?

I’m exploring the idea to add Sensory to my Roland TD50X rig and want to use the sensors with my Roland pads (with rubber rims). I assume the sensors will work perfectly on my Roland 10", 12" and 14" mesh heads, but my questions are: 1) will they fit on the rubber rims and 2) if they fit, how will the rim triggering be for the sensor? Thanks

Done this exact thing with my TD-50X. It works great, getting the Roland kick to work can take a little work since the smallest selectable size is 16” and the KD140 is 14”, but it works too!

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Thanks! Are you on Insta or YouTube? Would love to see playing examples.

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@Denny I am, but I haven’t posted any videos yet with my Roland hybrid setup, however Stevenz and Tenoch just helped me work out a massive roadblock I was running into. I’ll post a little walkthrough/playthrough and leave the link to my Insta and YouTube here in a bit when I get it workin :slight_smile:

Cool — I look forward to hearing how it responds on the Roland pads. Thanks!