App window size

I’m running the SP software on a 15" Mac at the highest resolution setting, so the app window is quite small and the text hard to read. Being able to resize the window would be great.


Yes to this! Full screen option would be killer, especially on a gig, being able to swipe between it and other software quickly such as Ableton, interface settings etc.

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Just wondering if there’s been any traction on this request.
I don’t know what the app looks like for other users but I find myself constantly trying to resize the window to eliminate the sliding bars inside all of the small windows. It’s not so bad when just sitting at the computer but when I’m sitting at the drum set, where the monitor isn’t close by, it does make things more difficult.

100%. The interface is tiny and I can’t read anything. Fullscreen and hi-res fonts would be amazing. its 2020, no one’s using anything less than 1080p these days, with a lot of users at 1440 or 4k. For me, I’d much rather have a large, easy to read/navigate interface, because its not that big of a deal to alt-tab between apps, or use multiple monitors.

100% for the use with a touchscreen (I use one for Cakewalk by Bandlab, very intuitive workflow)