Audio Buffer Size

I would like to have the possibility to set the Audio Buffer Size to 32 or 16 samples with my Focusrite 18i8 3rd Gen for a real natural feel while drumming live.

hi @MSol the audio buffer options available in the settings panel are a feature of your interface. Sensory Percussion just uses what the interface makes available. But generally speaking, you get diminishing returns on smaller buffer sizes. You might shave off a msec here and there, but it would necessarily be noticeable and the CPU will be severe at that setting. We generally don’t recommend anything smaller than 64 - and often we like to use 128 as a nice compromise.

How are you monitoring while you are playing? Sometimes just using some good headphones instead of external speakers can be the best way to cut down on latency.

Hi @tenoch, thanx for your reply. 64 samples are not so bad, but I’m very sensitive when it comes to latency.
I had good results at 32 samples with my SPL Crimson. With my Focusrite everything works fine at 16 / 32 samples when I use SP along with BloXpander or Cakewalk. But when I switch back to SP Solo mode, the buffersize jumps back to 64 samples immediately. When I play live, I use my custom drum monitors, which are 12" floortoms with speakers inside, and this works best for me at very low samplerates. For the use with my headphones in the studio 64 samples are fast enough.