Audio Streamer cuts off / losing sound when plugin is not visible


I’ve been having some intermittent trouble with the audio streamer.
I am on Ableton 11, Mac M1.

Streaming from the SP software into Ableton.

Everything works fine when I am on the track that has the Audio Streamer plugin and have the plugin exposed.
If I am not on that track for too long, the sound will sometimes cut off and I have to go back on the SP track and open the plugin display for sound to come back.

If I am playing with SP but need to adjust something on a synth track, it will sometimes cut off the SP sound completely.

I am wondering If I am doing something wrong.

I have searched the forum and read the 6 tips for audio streamer article but have not found documentation on this issue.


Hi @MaySun thanks for the report.

Are you using the VST, VST3 or AU? Does it do the same thing if you use one of the others?

You’re likely not doing anything wrong but there may be a setting somewhere to prevent unselected tracks from snoozing.

There’s probably a solution on our end to prevent this which would require an update. So let us know which plug-in versions are affected and we’ll take a look and get back to you soon.

I am using the AU.
I will try with the others today to see how it goes. I worked with it all day yesterday without any problems.
Except for when I opened my session and no sound was coming through even though it said “connected”. I had to delete de plugin and re-insert it for it to work.

I still find the problem a bit random at the moment, i’m not sure what series of actions causes it to “snooze”.