Audio Streamer in Windows 11

Hi guys, I got the sensory percussion v2 and it is a blast, I have the portal application configured and was able to set up 5 sensors and 2 mics with no issue.

I want to record some tracks, I tried downloading Reaper and got the template from here Audio Streamer | Sensory Percussion 2 Help but when I open it I’m getting this error

“The following effects were in the project file and are not available. REAPER will keep their configurations, but things may not sound as desired.
Track 1: VSTi: Sensory Percussion Audio Streamer (Sunhouse) (14 out)”

I installed the plugin using the Portal app, I scanned that folder with Reaper and I can’t find the Audio Streamer plugin, but I do can find the VST3i: Sensory Percussion 2 (16 ch).

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something really small and stupid but I’m kinda a noob, every help will be appreciated, please bear in mind I’m using Windows 11 and a PC and not a Mac

Thanks a million in advance!

Hi, congratulations! Out of curiosity, what did you configure with a mic?

I just plugged a mic on the auxiliary input and added it in the Portal app

hi @Pablo_Gonzalez - thanks for your note. Unfortunately, the Audio Streamer is only available for Sensory Percussion v1. It was possible to make this work in V1 because it had a fixed number of input and output channels. In v2, you can add as many inputs and outputs and submixes as you like, so the Audio Streamer wasn’t a feasible option.

We do have some ideas for supporting DAWs besides Ableton, but it will take us some time to work through those. For now, if you plan on doing multi-track recording, your best options are:

  1. Use the Sensory Percussion 2 plugin with Ableton Live and our template - this option offers the most flexibility and the best latency.

  2. Record out of the back of the portal with cables. You can treat the Portal like an “instrument” and use the outs on the back to plug into another audio interface or recorded. This is the simplest to set up. You’re restricted to the 6 mono outs. You can get an additional 8 channels from ADAT.

  3. Use virtual audio routing software to route audio from Sensory into a DAW on your computer. There is plenty of software that does this on a Mac (e.g. Loopback), but I’m not sure what the options are on Windows. This will have worse latency than #1 or #2 and can be complicated to set up.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks a million for your response here and in the chat!