Audio streamer latency?

hi guys,
i would use SP sets sounds but pass them thru ableton to mix them with other sounds etc.
but using the audio streamer i’m experimenting a consistent latency that makes quite impossible to play med-fast patterns.
in SP the latency is perfect, it comes out using the audio streamer (even with ableton buffer at 32ms)
maybe i’m doing something wrong?

Hi. I guess it is normal to experience a slight latency in your DAW when using Audio Streamer. I remember finding good explanation why is that…Hopefully that helps.

The audio streamer is affected both by the latency of Sensory Percussion and the latency of Ableton, that’s why it is best to monitor directly out of Sensory Percussion when you are recording - passing it through Ableton before it comes out of your headphones doubles the amount of time it takes for the software to sound after you have struck the drum (this is a slight oversimplification that discounts other factors such as the latency response of interfaces and other computer specs, “doubles the amount of time” may be factually incorrect, but it’s in the ballpark).

The latency response of Sensory Percussion by itself on most computers is not too much higher than what is perceptible (perceptibly varies from human-to-human, but is somewhere around 10 ms). It’s when you start combining Sensory with other software that latency can become an issue.

When discussing latency with regards to Sensory Percussion it is often left unmentioned that the software needs a certain amount of time to identify your strokes and that factors into the overall latency response, but I know for certain that the inventor of Sensory Percussion (who is also the lead software developer) takes latency very seriously and frequently works to reduce it whenever possible.

To answer your question as to why you notice recorded latency more with the audio streamer than with other VSTs: it may be that it’s dealing with the latency response of two audio programs, it also may be that synths and drums are different enough that latency is less of a concern for most synth performances, whereas drums requires more rhythmic precision. Or it may likely be a combination of those factors.

As to fixing this issue in Ableton automatically: I’ve found that simply dragging the audio files slightly left so that the transients line up with the grid to be the most effective way to account for this, however there is a quantize audio feature in Live that may be helpful for you to read more about:

I’ve also personally found that is easiest to record drums first before anything else, because of the function drums/percussion usually serves in the music: as the “backbone.” But that’s just my own opinion.

hi micwie,
thanks a lot for the reply.
the solution in the post it’s good for recording purposes, but in my case the prolblem remains, cause i use SP+Live combo for live performing.
and of course get 2 separate audio output (SP for the “rhythmic parts” and live for all the rest) is a solution but it’s also a great lack, because it will be very intresting to merge everything into ableton to mix all toghether (using 2 different output makes the rhythmic parts sound a little bit separate from all the rest, of course).
so there is no-way to reduce the audio streamer latency?
any other experience?

Ohh, I see your point. Sorry for the misunderstanding. In case you depend on Live (launching clips, playing with them etc.) it is gonna be a challenge. Let me know, if you came up with something!

nothing to be sorry about micwie, your information were precious, thanks.
somebody else has a different solution?
it will be wonderful to use the huge rhythmic generator potencial of SP and all the sync/effect capacity of ableton, all toghether into a live situation.