Audiointerface and triggers

Hi there fellow sunhouse devotees

I found out that My sunhouse triggers works only with one audio interface…that means when i connected them to interface, the lights on triggers went on automatically (with Phantom on) … With diffrent interfaces this is not happening despite checking everything (I could think of, settings on audio interface, settings on Sunhouse software etc…)

Im just wondering If anyone has had same experiences?

Thank you

Hi @tmshribik The sensors are designed to work like standard phantom-powered microphones. So they will work with any interface that supports those kinds of microphones (any interface with XLR inputs and 48-v phantom power).

Could you share a bit more info about the interfaces you’re trying to use them with? What are the models, brands?


Hey there,
the sensors work with any phantom power. In my setup it doesn‘t matter where phantom comes from.
To work with 3 triggers and an Arturia Audiofuse Interface (4 Inputs: 2 XLR-Inputs & 2 3,5-inputs) I use an external phatom power „supply“:
SP1 → XLR-IN 1
SP2 → XLR-IN 2
SP3 → analog Mackie mixer (phantom power ON) → Aux out → line-IN 3

To make sure phantom power is ON I use an condenser mic. Did you check in any „analog“ way like that?

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