Auditioning Samples


Can you audition samples without being connected to the portal?
I believe I watched a video of Tenoch doing it. If yes, how can I get sound through my laptop or headphones?

If no, I think I might an issue with the auditioning of samples. Does anyone else have this occurrence?


Hi @Michael_Cortina,

Yes, you can definitely do that.

  1. Choose your laptop/headphones as the input/output in the audio settings page (cmd-,)

  2. Make sure you have an Analog Ouput with 1/2 channels selected and enable audition monitoring on the output (the headphone icon)

Then you should be able to click on samples in the library and hear it come through that output. The audio button is useful so you can, say, choose to send auditioning to your headphones but not to the front of house.

Let me know if that works for you!

Thanks for your fast response. So I tried that, but even when I have the portal connected to the laptop for some reason I can’t hear the samples but I can see the signal. Then when I play the sensors everything works fine.


Hmm, not sure what could be going on. Would you mind sending a screenshot of your SP with the hardware panel open and your audio settings? You can email them to


One other thing to check… can you make sure that auditioning samples is turned on in the Library? There’s a similar headphone button which turns it on/off globally. It needs to be on in both places.