Backwards Button in Sampler not working

Hi folks,

Really digging the “amycycle” in the new pack :blush:

Noticing that the “Back <” in sampler is not functioning in my software. (1.4.2) Am I out of date?

xoxoxoxo, Amy

Hi Amy,

Thanks! Glad you like it!

The sample back button should be working, I think. Can you take a screenshot of the sampler you are controlling, as well as the controller you have mapped to the back button?


Hey Steven,

The number decrements to show the previous samples number (in controller assignment indicator slot), BUT the sound itself moves forward and leapfrogs the decremented number when struck, so a screen shot will not help. This happens when I make one from scratch as well.

xoxo, Amy

Do you have “Cntrl” selected in the sampler for sample playback type?

Nope, it’s Cyc…

But I am hitting the back < w the mouse and the number descends…

Ah, yes. I see. We’ll look into that. It will behave as expected if it’s set to “cntrl.” We’ll discuss how those buttons should work if you set it to “cycle.”

As of now “reset” is the only one that behaves as expected in cycle mode, I think. Thanks for bringing that to our attention!