Been trying to contact the company for the last 2 days

I’m thinking about buying a used sensor on ebay or reverb. Wondering if they’ll sell the software separately. I’ve sent messages on a few different platforms, but no reply.

Also wondering about the elements being out of stock.

Well… I signed up for the pre-order notifications as they were out of stock on the web-site; and I placed my order for the new package immediately when they were made available for pre-order. This was 8. December, and the promise was that the package would be shipped early January. It’s the end of January now and still no news of any shipment. I tried contacting them via e-mail; but I got an auto reply from - no such user here.

Then I used the chat bot on the website to ask the same question; the bot said that someone would reply me within 30minutes both on the website as well as e-mail, but this was tomorrow and there’s no response yet. This is terrible customer service. I don’t know what’s going on…

Same problem

It would be great to have some news

While I do agree that it would be great to get some news, personally I am giving them a lot of slack because of the transition from SP being all in-house to whatever “new normal” is presented by working with Evans.

FWIW: I didn’t see anything about January (where was this, genuinely curious?).
When I pre-ordered (also on December 8th) the order page said, “Shipping early 2023”, which I would guess to be anywhere from January to the first quarter of 2023.

For my two cents, I hope they’re prioritizing good Quality Control over speed.

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Well, it looks like they’re going to make your January release (almost). :+1:t2:

Just got an email saying that they’re anticipating receiving the first shipment from Evans tomorrow, and shipping the pre-order units by the end of the week.

Excited! :tada:

Yes, I also received the news. :clap:

I don’t know about the chat bot, but the email I used for them is:
…rather than:

PS: My SP bundle arrived!