Benefits of using SP plugin?

I like the idea of running only one software on my computer at a time. but if the only difference is making it more time consuming to set up controllers, then i should just stick with having both ableton and sp running at the same time, right?

What am i missing here?

Hi KevinBC,

The advantages of using the SP plugin are felt most by users who want to multi-track record or take advantage of Ableton’s looping effects. Here’s a short list of things the plugin enables from the 1.7 blog post:

It does make controlling knobs/faders in Ableton more complicated, as you either have to route the MIDI out and back in via a virtual bus, or use a Max for Live device from the building tools pack. The virtual bus method is complicated by the fact that Ableton strips MIDI channel information coming out of plugins.

The Max Api CtrlMIDIcc.amxd is the device from the building tools Max for Live pack makes it possible to send CCs from the Sensory Percussion plugin to Ableton’s UI.


I see, very useful indeed. Thank you for the reply, and directing me to the appropriate posts. downloading now