Best gear configurations ie.mesh heads, wooden hoops

Hey everyone,
Hope all is well. My current mesh head setup is the cheap Pearl 1-ply muffle head. It’s amazing how good the stick response/accuracy is what the 1 ply. I’m thinking about trying 2-ply to see if will make things even better.

Has anyone done any testing with Sp specifically?

I saw tenoch said they like the wood hoops in the lab, so I’m going to order those now!

Any other tips/tricks/hacks anyone care to share?

I’ll definitely post back after I compare more heads.


thanks for this question.
I was wondering if someone ever tried 2 ply mesh heads or this kind of mesh heads from Drumtec.

I’ve played with the real feel one and I was impressed by the feeling of it.
Would like to know is ti work well with the Sensory sensors.


Ha! That’s the one I was looking at too. I’ll let you know when I try it out. I just ordered one yesterday.

I use SP with a 13" drum-tec real feel head, on a snare with standard flange hoop. It actually fits better (more snug on the shell) than what I was using before, a Z-ED Triple X, so the sensor sits properly parallel.

I think the signal picked up (and hence triggers) are fine - I’ve always had to push the gain a bit with SP, and this head wasn’t really any better/worse than anything else I’ve tried (on a snare).

As the name suggests, the head feels great, enjoy!