Can more than one sensor be mounted to a single drum, at the same time?

Unusual question for the Sunhouse team:

Can more than one sensor be mounted to a single drum, with both sensors triggering at the same time, and would that work?

I’m wondering if two sensors could be mounted on a single drum, so that there could be more than one sensor triggering with a single drum hit. Seems like it could open up a lot of creative/ experimental opportunities.

I am not in the SunHouse team, but yes, you can do this.
There is no real need for this if you are using it with the SP software as you can route and multiply a same sensor any way possible.

You can have 1 sensor triggering 8 different sounds with each sound having its own signal path, FX chain, automation and going to different outputs. Unless you are using it outside of the sensory percussion software I cannot imagine why you would need to do this.

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With V2 you can make an infinite amount of “virtual inputs” with different rules, so there is no real usecase I can imagine where this would be necessary. Simply create multiple Pad inputs and set the rules to respond how you want (if you wanted a particular sound to respond to all zones like a single analog pad VS another set of sounds broken up by zone for instance). There’s several tutorials from the SP team that helped me a ton on understanding this