Can SP sensor be mounted on a Sabian mesh pad?

Hi all,
I was wondering if SP sensors can be mounted on a Sabian mesh pad?
These are just a rim with a mesh skin. Would it be stable for the sensors?

Here is a link to the mesh pad.


Hey Alp! I just looked at how it’s mounted on mine, and I think it may work, since it’s in no way touching anything but the rim! It looks like a standard rim size? You’ll lose the “shell” zone though, probably.

Is there air between the bottom of the of the pad and the mesh head? I’d guess that would improve the responsiveness of the trigger

Hi @alp, we do have some experience with these. In theory, they work fine with Sensory Percussion. But in practice we found them a bit frustrating. First, the way it’s constructed makes it difficult to keep the head tightened (which is recommended for Sensory Percussion). You need a wrench to hold the nut on the bottom while you tighten the lugs and the process is fiddly.

Second, we found that the “feet” on it rattled and would cause false hits. So we ended up putting a bunch of epoxy on them to keep them quiet.

But they are cheap, so if you don’t mind working around those issues, they work fine with SP.

Have fun!