Can the left and right main outputs be used as sends?

I’m considering this system for my home studio. I’d love to be able to record drums without it disturbing everyone else in the house. The isolation is good enough that the cymbals won’t be a problem. I record into Pro Tools and want to get the 5 sensor setup. I’d like to get 5 individual audio outs (one for each sensor) and I’ll also use microphones for the overheads. I have a Pro Tools HDX system, so latency won’t be an issue. I see the interface has 4 analog sends and a left and right main. My question is, could I assign individual sensors to the left and right mains, giving me 5 analog outs I require? I’d prefer to do my final mixing in Pro Tools and not worry about getting the mix right when recording. I mainly plan to use analog drum kit sounds.