'Can't find files' in V1 sound packs

I’m having trouble with the sound files in the V1 software. I’ve installed SP on a new MacBook, and only the default soundpacks (C&C kits, Demo, Stylized kits, themed kits and tonal kits will play), but when I try to put kits from e.g. Peridolia, it says 'can’t find file. Also tried 'Major Arcana, but with the same problem.

Anyone who experienced this, and know how to fix it? I’m running the newest SP update, 1.8.5, so that shouldn’t be the case.


Hi @Jonaselwin,

The sound packs are installed separately from the Base Pack. You can get those installers on the downloads page.

Are these sample linking issues happening after you’ve separately installed the packs?

Let us know if you have any difficulties downloading or installing any of them.


EDIT: I forgot to ask if Jonas had already installed the packs