Can't get it to update the plugin from 2.16 to 2.18

I feel like I need to do a complete uninstall re install are there any step by step directions for that? Essentially I can open SP beta 2.18 in standalone mode but the VST 3 in ableton only opens it 2.16 and then a update pop screen which I cick on causes ableton to crash and then never updates.

Lmk what info you may need…I am sharing analytics with y’all.


Hi @ORBKA - are you on mac or windows?

Hopefully this is just an issue when updating from 2.16 to 2.1.8 because we changed the installation method for the plugin.

Can you go to the plugin folder and delete the old plugin? Maybe delete any v2 plugins you see there for good measure. Then reinstall the plugin from the standalone app in the settings menu.

After that, rescan plugins in Ableton and see if that fixes it. (Preferences / Plug-ins / Rescan)

Here are the default vst folders.
Mac: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
Win: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

I’m on the mac M1 ventura 13.6.1

the issue is it isn’t re installing the new VST is there a link to download the vst vst3 2.18 version?

The latest plugin is in the 2.1.8-beta11 app. The installer is on the downloads page at

It’s installed in the settings window:

yup did this dowloaded the app but it doesn’t install the vst or vst3 for some reason…when I go to the stand alone plugin settings general there is no vst in any of the plugin folders.

Can you drop a screenshot of your General settings tab and also of your vst folder?

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Ok, do you have a VST3 folder? Can you make sure that VST3s are enabled in Ableton? There’s an option for Use VST3 Plug-in System Folders in the plugin settings.

Also, in your settings, it looks like your soundpack installation folder got changed - this was a bug in one of the earlier betas that we thought we fixed.

The default folder should be ~/Music/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion 2/soundpacks

yes its not linked to VST3 folder and I changed the soundpack installation folder to correct directory… its now opening VST3 plugin 2.18 version in ableton!

hoping to figure out the cpu spiking (raising or lowering the buffer doesn’t help).

Great to hear!

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also is there a way to get this update window to stop popping up randomly?

It’ll keep popping up until you update. Your app says 2.1.8-beta4 in the top-right corner. Is that the standalone or plugin in that screenshot?

The latest version is beta11.

weird they are both 11 now not sure what the heck that was

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