Can't transfer license to another email over Sunhouse Support

I recently had to reinstall windows on my laptop and it didn’t carry on the authorization file for the Sensory Percussion software.
I’m also completely locked out of the original email I registered the software with because of a 2FA issue.

To make things even better, all my warranties and activation codes (such as for Sensory Percussion) were accidentally thrown out by my mother :slight_smile:

I’ve e-mailed support several days ago as well as initiate an online support chat request, however after receiving a support response requesting additional information to validate my identity, and providing them with it, I haven’t gotten a response.

I’m trying to be patient during this pandemic, but it’s been a couple days and I’d REALLY like to get back to using my single sensor. I understand intellectual property and wanting to protect their software, but I this seems to be a common issue and I just wanna go back into the software like I was.

EDIT: Again, I’ve contacted all support mediums over the past 3 or 4 days and haven’t gotten past actually updating anything. I provided support with my serial number (SP1-4061) as well as the original e-mail registered to it, the billing/shipping address Sunhouse ordered to, and attached full name.

While I understand the pandemic woes, at this point I just want to use my Sensor and Reverie pad so I can handle this lockdown without losing my mind :brain: