Can't use SP VST in ZenAudio and FL Studio

Hello people,

I tried using my Sensors in 2 different DAW’s. I am using a Presonus Audiobox as my audio interface.
I was able to launch the SP software outside my DAW and get it working with the SP Master VST, but I couldn’t mute the software which means every sound is heard twice (in SP and in the DAW).
When I tried using the SP VST inside the DAW’s, it didn’t see the sensors. I do get sound when I press on the drum sounds with my mouse.

Hopefully there is an easy fix to this, since I really love the sensors :slight_smile:



Hi Kyarah,

In order to monitor through your DAW and not through Sensory Percussion, you just need to deselect the outputs of Sensory Percussion:

The Sensory Percussion VST is only compatible with Ableton Live, because Live is the only DAW we’ve found has audio input routing to plugins flexible enough to support all four sensor inputs. Other DAWs only allow for a stereo audio signal to be routed into a plugin.

So the Audio Streamer is definitely the way to go for ZenAudio and FL Studio.