Case or bag for sensors?

What are people using as bags or cases for your sensors?

I only have one, but I want it a bit protected when moving it around, and don’t want something as bulky as the cardboard box it comes in.

I’ve seen compact Pelican cases used for a whole set of drum triggers (ala ddrum trigger case), but that’s overkill for a single one.

Hey Rodrigo,
I’ve done a bit of traveling by plane with two and four sensors, and I bought a 4 liter art supply box made by a company called Really Useful Box lol… It fits four sensors plus foam, or two sensors and a Scarlett 2i2, and foam. The name doesn’t lie. I lined the box with foam from the cardboard box that the sensor originally came in (though you may need more foam for a truly snug fit) and the box fits neatly into my backpack, with room for an interface, computer, cables, and a volume pedal!
Not sure if this is the solution for you. When I’ve traveled with sensors, I prefer to keep them on my back and sacrifice a carry-on rather than risk checking them and have them get lost by an airline.
Good luck!


@mmmmjjjjjjjj Ah that’s a good idea!

Since I’ve only got the one sensor I don’t need as much space, but I didn’t think to check for tupperware-type containers!

I’ll have a look to see what I can find.

Good ideas. I’m looking for a box that I can cut foam for and fit three myself. Still, I’m wondering if it’s a bad idea to have these loose in a backpack with cables, an interface, etc. Not getting jostled around heavily or anything—just not individually floating in foam. Does anybody know how rugged these sensors are?

I’ve not done any gigging or touring with mine yet, but the physical sensor feels really rugged. It’s weighty and the part that attaches to the drum is particularly sturdy feeling (the screw part).

Old bump here, but I just picked up this peeerfect pouch from MUJI.

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