CC send and Ableton

Hi there
I would like to train Ableton Live 10 to get my CC Sensory Percussion’s sends but when I use the midi mapping panel in Ableton it only map the Midi Note and not the CC informations.
I would like to be able to control release or sustain or other stuff and not just turn it on or off.

Have you got any idea ?

Hey - if you are sending Midi notes AND Midi CC at the same time Ableton Live is prioritizing the notes. You just need to switch off the notes for the mapping process and this way Ableton Live will only receive the CC for the mapping. Let me know if that works out.
Cheers Tobi

Hey Tobi,
Thanks it work well this way !

Hi guys, you should also be able to just send the CC message by manually dragging the CC knob in SP with your mouse. No need to switch off notes first!


Yes of course. Much quicker!