CHECK VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to expand (with other triggers/pads in) Sensory Percussion?

I just added a new video to my course, which shows you how you can integrate other trigger/e-pad hardware into Sensory Percussion. As the SP sensor is great I guess that a lot of people don’t have bought 4 of them, so you still have a few inputs left on your sound card, which could be used for other triggers and e-pads to trigger sounds or to remote control things in SP. Sounds interesting? Check out the tutorial here:


Hey, just wanted to put a note on this thread about the “BT-1 Hack.” You are more than welcome to experiment with plugging in other sources, but keep in mind that we only support using the Sunhouse Sensors with the software and you’re likely to get unpredictable results with other triggers.

Also, because the Sunhouse Sensor provides a predictable signal to the software, we check for whether it’s plugged in (you can see this in the threshold panel) and offer features like “auto-leveling” that was introduced in 1.3.

In general, you’re very likely to get a substandard experience using other triggers with Sensory Percussion.

Hey Tenoch, thx for your comment on this as this might clarify for new users that using a BT-1with SP is nowhere near using it with a SP sensor. This ‘Hack’ is more likely to use for control actions e.g. Kit selection like shown in the video and not ment for accurate sample triggering I agree.

ive also ran the ouput of my td-3 into sensory percussion and mapped the snare and kick to sounds, not the most reliable thing but does the trick till i can afford more sensors!