Controller Sensitivity Response Curve

I’m curious as to the shape of the response to controllers when using the sensitivity sliders. If I’m not mistaken, adjustments are linear in nature?

It would be really usable add curvature to the response of controllers in the same fashion we mess with velocity i/o. I’ve found several controller applications recently that would serve well with an exponential response but I haven’t gotten the results I want with the sensitivity parameters in the controller.

I can get this result with the Max Api CtrlMIDIcc device in Live, but it adds a third place to make adjustments when using SP controllers with Live which feels pretty clunky and error prone.

I’m wondering if it would be most intuitive to use a multipoint drag and drop window for controller sensitivity? It could be similar to the velocity i/o in the sampler, except with one or two breakpoints in the middle. That way you could get all the results you can get with the current sensitivity slider, but also add curvature, and the whole thing would be more graphic and easier to grasp.