Crash since 1.51

Hi there,
i’ve put back my set up today with the sensory update 1.51 and after 1 minute or 2 Sensory crash and stop running.
When i run it i’ve this error alert : /Library/Application Support/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion/libsndfile/libsndfile.1.dylib not found

Is it because of this file missing ? I can’t find it on my computer.

Thanks for your help.

For more info i’ve got a MacBook pro 2010 with OS 10.12
It was working fine since this morning.

Some news about my sensory crash…
If i don’t plug the sensor and i keep the software running it doesn’t crash.
As soon as i plug them it crash after a minute. I’ve try to change my midi matrix, to plug them in input 5, 6, 7, 8 and i’ve got the same bug.
Same bug with only one sensor plug…

Hopefully, I don’t have a gig this week end :slight_smile:

Everything works fine now,
Thank for your answers and finding a way to solve it on the live conversation via the intercom of the website.
Really appreciate.