Create Monophony Across 10 Zones

I am trying to figure out how to make one zone cut off another zone, as if the drum were a monophonic keyboard. For example, if the “dampened” zone was playing, and I played the “shell” zone, it would cut out the dampened sample. This would ideally apply for each zone interacting with all 10, so whatever zone is being played cuts out the previous sample. I set the samples to “retrigger”, so one on pad they do not carry over, but they still have what sounds like polyphony across zones. It seems like this should be a possibility but I can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks!

I am not at my computer, but I BELIEVE what you want to do is set up a single zone pad, with the voices set to 1. This should cut off each sample when the next voice is triggered

Reading again, I’m realizing you probably want each zone to have a different sample as opposed to the entire pad acting as a single zone. Let me think deeper on this

Hi @drewbysnacks

You can do this pretty easily using the “Retrig” button on controllers. When this button is on, only one child module will sound at a time. This button is standard across all controller module types.

In the case you want to choke modules across layers (the retrigger button only works within the same layer) you can add add modules to a “choke group”. Any modules in the group will choke each other. To create a choke group, just right-click on the stop button in the header of the module and choose “choke groups” → “new group”.

Here’s a short screen recording of the retrigger button.

Let me know how it goes!