Crosstalk Between Pads

I’m troubleshooting an issue of crosstalk between pads (not drums). Specifically, my kick (open and closed) strikes trigger the samples assigned to rim tip and rim shoulder of the kick. All blends are off and I’ve even deactivated the open and closed pads completely. For this specific application I want the rim tip and shoulder of my kick to be able to trigger my samples and to play my kick acoustically. Any ideas?


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Hey Ben,

What you are trying to achieve should be fairly easy and reliable. Can you describe a little bit what the mis-triggering is like? does it happen all the time or randomly? is it with certain types of hits? I would suggest making sure your threshold is set above any noise that your kick pedal might be making. You can also try training the void pad to recognize noise from the pedal. If you are also getting cross-talk from other drums, you can try adding that to the void pad as well.

Make sure you start from a fresh model before trying out these suggestions and let us know either way how it works out!


i think ben is talking about crosstalk between pads from the same drum (a problem that is affecting me to, sometimes), for example when i play the center of the snare and, sometimes, the software recognize the edge, playng the sample of the edge (or when you hit the edge and it often plays rimshot center). and this cannot be solved with the void tool (because we’re talking about diffrent zones of THE SAME DRUM).
maybe with thereshold? don’t know.

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